Dash - A Project Management Tool

I have developed a simple solution to the project management woes that so many teams encounter. I have identified one project management area which is lacking from current platforms, which will support the client’s understanding of the design process. Based on a series of research methodologies, this is an area where designers are struggling in the project management process and are not currently being supported by the tools which exist. I propose the creation of a project management dashboard called dash. This center platform, this dashboard, will aggregate information into one platform. Dash will provide the team and the client a clear overview of the project and it will increase the client’s understanding and participation in the design process. Dash can be further developed to create a new tool, or the API can be added to an existing project management tool. As part of my thesis presentation, I released a marketing website which will collect beta users to test and review the product. My thesis project was the first step in creating this product. This attention to the client’s understanding and the transparency of the project process will reduce many of the management barriers which currently arise. It will enhance the overall design process and save time for the design team. I propose we, the design team and the client, all get on the same page. http://www.joindash.co/

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