Square One I OpenIDEO

I took the initiative to organized the NYC chapter of OpenIDEO at Pratt Institute for one of the community challenges. The challenge presented was 'How might we inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?’ This collaborative project between Kristen Engles, Nikko-Ryan Santillan and myself was developed in response to the OpenIDEO challenge posed by Tom and David Kelley, founders of IDEO. After submitting the original idea of inspirational creative confidence cards, the idea was chosen to move forward with 21 other ideas toward refinement. This meant designing the product, developing a prototype, testing the prototype, and providing a refined structure in terms of viability, all in a single week's timeframe. As part of a team, I took over the design of the website. Square One’s website extends the conversation of the printed version of the card system. Users have the opportunity to learn more about Square One, purchase sets of cards, as well as view, post and browse the gallery and prompts for inspiration. You can view the rest of the team project and the final submission at http://www.openideo.com/challenge/creative-confidence/evaluation/inspirational-creative-confidence-cards

To view our final submission and the OpenIDEO challenge, click here!
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