Urban Farm: Motion

Created as an assignment for my Typography II class in the Grad ComD program at Pratt Institute, the challenge of this project was to produce a motion piece about a specific theme relating to New York City. The film captures one example of city gardening, of the many featured in Urban Farm, the editorial publication I designed in conjunction with this motion piece. The film was shot at COOKFOX Architects located at 641 Avenue of the Americas in New York. COOKFOX Architects has created a roof that absorbs storm water, lowers surface temperature, and benefits both the local ecosystem and the human environment. Heidi Theunissen is an Architectural Designer at the firm and is the caretaker of the rooftop garden. She is featured in the film. The film was shot with a Nikon D5400 DX SLR and edited using After Effects. The film was used in March of 2014 for a short presentation by Heidi Theunissen at the ASLA-NY conference on Urban Agriculture.

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